Time to think differently

I am reminded that together we are bigger than a leader. For some reason I thought having an intelligent, seasoned, caring women as the leader of the free world would be the ultimate living breathing example of “anything is possible” for our girls and for our boys to respect girls, because they would grow up knowing women can be anything they want to be. But no, it is on each and every one of us to be that for ourselves, for our children and each other. I thought maybe someone else could do it for us or at least move us a few giant steps forward. I thought we could vote-in gender equity. God what was I thinking?! No way… it’s on us!

We must all strive to be the best role models humanly possible and lift up those around us both male and female. This is a wake up call for me to be as The Empowerment Project Documentary says, “Be the leaders of our own lives”. We must be smarter, more strategic, stronger and have breadth and depth beyond compare.

I was flying from Seattle to Los Angeles during the final hours of the election. I was surrounded by all men who are Trump supporters. The things I heard will stay with me forever… “We would never allow a crooked woman in the Whitehouse” … “We can finally get back to being a real country”… “Hollywood can move to Canada” “F*ck Obama care”. It was uncomfortable. It was hard to breathe.

It’s time to take a minute, administer self-care then carry-on. There’s no time to waste. #resilience