Dive Into Another Country With These Foreign Films on IndieFlix


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International relations, one small screen at a time. 

The Man Who Married Himself – Oliver has a mid-life crisis, and decides to get married – to himself. This is the story of his relationship, and how he discovers some truths about life and love on the way. (UK) http://bit.ly/2aI6iiV


A Viagem (The Trip) – António decides to break free of his mundane existence and rents a silver convertible to take his wife on a dream vacation. Everything seems perfect. Except something is wrong. (Portugal) http://bit.ly/29Xx6OU


The Scarecrow Girl – Luzia and her family live on a farm in the Brazilian countryside. When her brother begins attending school, Luzia want to join him, but is told by her father that she isn’t allowed because she is a girl. Luzia is determined to find a way to learn how to read, even if it involves a little trick. http://bit.ly/2axor6y