Silly Thoughts on Food & Hollywood

I always find myself using food or shoe analogies to relate to life. For instance, I equate Hollywood to eating at the same slightly pricey restaurant day in and day out. Giving them my money over and over. The food is pretty good, everything kind of tastes the same, service is A-Okay, same people serving, preparing and setting the menu. Great lighting! Kind of like Cheese Cake Factory.

Then on the flip side you can’t forget or maybe sometimes you want to forget the experience at that family place down the street or that little hole in the wall where you had no idea what you were eating. There’s your favorite sushi restaurant or Korean BBQ and let’s not forget dim sum, those are all independent movies for sure. What about the food truck? Lol

I think of a feature film as a main course and short films, especially good ones as heavy appetizers.  In today’s world we’re supposed to eat smaller meals more often right?   I guess that would be TV.

And I suppose dessert would be… Hmm 🙂

Thoughts on the plane headed to Palm Springs Shortfest #SF16  #PalmSpringsShortFest #indieflix #indieflixinthehouse