Congratulations you’ve graduated! Now what?…

Now that you’ve graduated what’s the rush to get a job all about?

I couldn’t help but listen to the conversations surrounding me as I sat in my seat waiting for my son to receive his degree and flip that tassel from one side of the mortar board to the other.

The number one question was what is he going to do now?

I didn’t have an answer. What I want for my son is to take a few days or weeks or even months to decompress, to feel his feelings, to think his thoughts and to let the dust of a lifetime of academics settle.

Why is it so important to jump into the work world the minute we graduate? Is there only a short window of time a graduate can land a good job? Are they going to forget everything they’ve learned? Will they suddenly lose all motivation? Is there a benefit? I actually think there could be a downside. We rush through life focused on the next thing. I think we need to slow down and savor those hard earned moments of achievement before diving into the next chapter. If one doesn’t know what to do surely a simple job to make ends meet while they decide what’s important to them won’t hurt; in fact I think it is key to future decision making. Clarity. Focus. Calm.  I think I did an okay job raising my son. I trust his ability to make good decisions.

Congratulations Ian!

Love your #1 Fan (Mom)

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