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Glitter Dust: Finding Art in Dubai

Three artists come to terms with truth and artificiality. Delightful hand-drawn animations interplay with live footage; art and life are truly intertwined. Funny and poignant, this documentary explores the artists behind the flash of Dubai.

58 minutes

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An Honest Living

A documentary that follows four Chicago based artists as they reveal how they dance the line between artistic passion and the need for commerce.

82 minutes

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My 89 Generation

A crowd-sourcing documentary that consists of footage recorded by young people born after 1989. They are all passion-driven people who want to make their dreams come true, seek love and ways to express their affections and emotions, but do not always know how to do it properly.

63 minutes

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Fencing: The Art, Science, and Passion

This documentary introduces you to the intensely competitive actions of the sport and the elegant traditional moves of the classical duelist. See bouts at fencing academies in the USA and in distinguished fencing clubs in London. Hear fencers on their inner thoughts about what its like to outwit an opponent. Through exciting close-ups, the fast moving action of dueling weapons are captured with a magical clarity.

8 minutes

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The Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project is the incredible journey of a crew of female filmmakers driving across America to encourage, empower, and inspire the next generation of strong women to go after their career ambitions.

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49 minutes

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