Spring Has Sprung: Our Picks to Celebrate a Season of New Beginnings

Shake off the winter doldrums with these spring themed flix!

To Spring (1936)

In this classic MGM animated short, Spring won’t let Old Man Winter stay around for one more day, no matter how hard he might try. Watch now!

Pete’s Beach

In this short, a lonely wanderer searches for someone to share his birthday meal with and uncovers something beautiful in memories past.  Watch now!

The Corner Table

In this independent short film from India, friendships spring up in the most unlikely of scenarios. Watch now!

Sand Wars

Dive deeper into one of the world’s most abundant resources and learn about ‘Sand Mafias’ in this thought provoking documentary by PBS. Watch now!

Wonderful Insight Into IndieFlix | 1889 Magazine

1889: Washington’s Magazine sat down with our CEO Scilla Andreen to get a peak behind the scenes at IndieFlix and see what we have planned for the future!

“My goal was to curate some of the best content in one place and to help filmmakers learn to be their own gatekeepers and to make meaningful revenue.”  – Scilla Andreen

To read the full article and score a great deal on an IndieFlix subscription, head over to 1889’s website  or pick up a copy at a newsstand near you.

Born in the Wrong Generation? Step Into The 60s With These Hippie Films!

Dirt Road to Psychedelia: Austin Texas during the 1960s – With a folk singing Janis Joplin, the 13th Floor Elevators, peyote, LSD and the first psychedelic music venue in Texas, Austin was a fertile ground for the emerging counter culture of the 1960s. http://bit.ly/2bkUqpH


Sandstone – A documentary about the open sexuality retreat called “Sandstone” in California. Disclaimer: contains nudity. http://bit.ly/2b1St03


The Holy Mountain – This film gives the omniscient view of what social engineering caused by greed has done to the modern world, but shows us how to live and not give in to a material world. http://bit.ly/2bfzGwe