Not a Romantic? Take a Look at These “Screw Love” Films On IndieFlix

Love is good and all but have you ever had Mac & Cheese?????

Coffee & Pie – In this self-proclaimed anti-romantic comedy, June and October are breaking up. Manipulative June feels her moral superiority justifies the breakup & a confused October learns from a waitress that revenge is a dish best served with pie.


Spider – It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.


Dik  A six year old boy brings home a piece of school work that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation… and their own.


Pipas – Two friends discuss one friend’s cheating boyfriend, as life goes right over their heads.


Shanghai Love Market – Every weekend in Shanghai’s famous Peoples’ Park, parents hang posters to match-make their unwed children. But when true love is at stake, sometimes even the best plans have a funny way of coming undone.


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