You Don’t Know Aesthetics Until You’ve Seen These Films

Eye-candy = anything visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eyeball

Pas – Throughout her entire life, Rose has followed her passion for dance by using it as a singular method of communication essential to connect with her surroundings.


Rellik – Starting at the end and returning to the beginning, Rellik retraces the steps that lead
to a woman’s horrific murder. This short plays with time to
present a mystery which unravels in reverse, leaving the audience reeling as they
trying and piece together what they have just seen.


Anomaly – Claimed by our staff to be one of the most beautiful films on IndieFlix, Anomaly centers on the interconnected stories of several lives that coincide with a long-awaited astronomical event.


The Otherworldly – A creature is born from the crevasse of a rock and enters the “otherworldly” through a portal in the forest. Cheesy at first but trust me, you will quickly become mesmerized.


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