Get Ready For Halloween With These Indie Horror Films

“AGGGGGGHHHhhhhhhhh” —> you after watching these

The Other SideWhen night falls and a sinister intruder
invades a house with a nanny and baby, a night of gruesome bloodshed and
unprecedented terror takes place. But who is behind it? What do they want? And can
anybody escape alive?


Red Balloon – Several times during the course of the night, Dorothy, the little
girl Julie is babysitting, behaves oddly, screaming from her bedroom.
Each time, Julie puts her back to bed, comforting her by telling her
it’s just a nightmare… or is it?


El Tren de la Bruja – A man is used as a guinea pig in a scientific experiment that
tries to analyze human behavior faced with extreme conditions of terror. Is it possible to frighten someone that knows from the beginning that everything is a farse?


Fringe – Young Madeleine suspects that something lurks in the dark. Her
mother doesn’t believe her, so Madeleine sets about to prove it with her
Polaroid camera.


He Dies At The End – Working alone, late at night, an office worker is unaware that he has only 4 minutes left to live.


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