It’s Always Easy To Be Kind

Restore your faith in humanity with these films on IndieFlix. 

Le technicien (The Technician) – A cable
guy is called in to repair an old man’s TV set but realizes the only thing wrong are the images broadcasted on the screen: wars, famine, illness and
kidnappings. He attempts to fix the problem.


Ravi & Jane – This short is a heart warming story of two classmates who strike up a budding friendship.


The Hulk Boy – A boy in elementary school has many fears until one day he sees The Incredible Hulk playing on TV. Then he becomes invincible.


The Alien Boy – Miki is a young Hungarian boy who cannot quite understand why he is always the target of bullies at school. Determined to find out why, Miki embarks on a journey which leads
him to discover he is, in fact, an Alien.


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