Live Out Your Rebellious Days With These Back-To-School Films

“I don’t wanna go to school / I just wanna break the rules” -Charli XCX

Exit 117 – This drama is a melodic group portrait of New Jersey youth. As these characters fight, love, and hope their way through this
summer of transition, they reminisce about the past and dream about the


How I Got Into College – Carefree
class clown Marlon Browne (Corey Parker) is about to endure the most
horrific experience of his young life, getting into college, in this
hilarious screwball comedy.


Ghoul School Two students break into their high school to steal an exam, only to incur the ghostly wrath of a long-dead principal. It’s Back to the Future meets Ghostbusters!


Bernard the Great – Today is Bernard’s birthday and he proudly wears his anti-growing suit.


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