Ready for Rio? Win the Gold with these Sport-Themed Films

You don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy these sports films. 

Muhammad Ali – The GreatestHe’s the
greatest fighter of all time. A sports icon that is loved throughout the
world. A man driven by his ambition to be the best. He will always be remembered.


Barkley 100This 100-mile footrace and its 60-hour time limit force athletes
to run, crawl and climb an elevation gain equivalent to two treks up Mt.


Way of the Puck“It’s like ballet meets war.” Explore air hockey’s tangled roots and discover a passionate
community of players who devote their lives to the mastery of a
forgotten arcade game.


Tales of Masked MenThis documentary is a creative and imaginative exploration of
the colorful, fascinating, and mysterious world of lucha libre – Mexican


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