Pixar’s 22 Rules of Phenomenal Storytelling



Pixar is known for its stunning, high quality, photorealistic films, which have a special place in all our hearts. Their films are known to deliver positive, empathetic and moral messages about love, friendship and acceptance. Pixar has mastered the art of appealing to our emotional intelligence with a set of 22 phenomenal rules. We urge everyone to take a peek and learn from the masters.

Their guideline will teach you how to make people care about your characters, how to deliver a fulfilling narrative and how to create good and beautiful content. 

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Con-GRAD-ulations! Celebrate Graduation with these 5 end-of-the-year films!

 “School is a lot like toilet paper, you only miss it when it’s gone.” -Anonymous 

Watch on IndieFlix!

The GraduatesFollow 4 friends and their mischief as they near their high school graduation. http://bit.ly/1UjyQx2


She’s a FoxMiddle school love blossoms in this retro short about a young boy with a mullet and his dream girl, played by Hailee Steinfeld.  http://bit.ly/1TNxE95


That Special Something Enjoy this inspiring short film about what it means to be unique. http://bit.ly/1WzsYWD


Dazed and Confused – Watch this classic coming-of-age story about a group of kids wreaking havoc on their last day of high school.


The Graduates/Los Graduados: Girls HourFollow the lives of 6 Latina students as they face challenges of education in the United States. http://bit.ly/1Zvt6Vh



In this hilarious short film, a father discovers his six year old son likes “ribin Tim’s dik”, leading to uncovered and awkward secrets between him and his wife. 

Watch Dik here on IndieFlix! http://bit.ly/1P0L6pT

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Check out Bargain! With Rebel Wilson here on IndieFlix.com

Bargain!: http://bit.ly/1TZ594i

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If You like Wes Anderson or Skins, You Need to Watch Seamonsters.

Seamonsters is a coming of age story that follows the lives of 4 rebellious teens in an English seaside town. You can watch it here on IndieFlix for free! http://bit.ly/249BgUn