Watch These 4 Films with Dad to Celebrate Father’s Day

Dedicate the day to dad with these heartfelt films on IndieFlix!

The Nostalgist – Feel the bond between father and son in this Blade Runner meets Hugo dystopian and  futuristic tale. Watch it on Indieflix!

Son: “Why do the pieces sacrifice themselves for each other?”


Dik – Experience the difficulties of fatherhood in this hilarious short film.

Father: “What’s that bit supposed to be?”

Son: “Grass.”

Father: “Well why is it pink?”

Son: “Cause I like pink.”


Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit – Go on an adventure in this National Treasure/Indiana Jones-esque action adventure with dad this Father’s Day.

“Oh my god. You stole the tablet.”


The Hero PoseAn adorable and touching story about a struggling dad and his daughter.

Father: “Did your mom tell you that?”

Mia (8 years old): “No, I heard it on NPR.”


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