Let Loose This Summer with These 4 Relaxed & Upbeat Films!

Summer is here! Celebrate with some of these films on IndieFlix.

Good Expectations Enjoy this awkward yet touching story about a boy and a girl in love. http://bit.ly/1UjzavN


Half ShareLet loose with this fun and risqué LGBTQ comedy! Find out what
these men get up to when newly-single Mac joins his friends on Fire
Island for the summer. *viewer discretion advised http://bit.ly/1Y3QqdP


The Sandlot – Watch this classic story about the summer adventures of a boy, his new friends and their love for baseball. 


Laundry – Fall into a summer daydream in this short love story that begins at a laundromat and develops into a vineyard. http://bit.ly/25J7dJc


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