“I long for people who want to see a story and see character development. Maybe we’ve dug it out and there’s not really an audience for that, but that’s not for me to really worry about.”

Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood!

10 Summer Movies for Pre & Post Memorial Day Weekend

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She’s a FoxA sweet coming of age story where 5th grader, Cameron, won’t let his mullet get in the way of winning the girl of his dreams.


Day of DaysThis PBS film commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing by bringing together American D-Day veterans to share their experience.


GoldAn offbeat comedy about a dysfunctional family starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones.


Scenes From the SuburbsSpike Jonze & Arcade Fire collaborate on this coming of age short about a rag-tag gang of teens in a small suburbia under military rule.


Le TechnicienIn this feel good and quirky short an old man calls a technician to fix all the violence he sees on TV.


SkylabA young boy’s idea of his mom’s remarriage results in the end of the world.


Until It HurtsA film that discusses the lives of Navy Seals and how they have impacted others.


Brother A humanoid with a heart creates small companions -If this isn’t a feel good film, then we don’t know what is.


The GunfighterA hilarious twist on the classic western, where the narrator enjoys stirring up reality show-like drama in the local saloon. 


Planet Of The ApesThis classic summer blockbuster tells the story of the dominant species that rule on a faraway planet.


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3 Undiscovered Gems Every Movie Lover Must Watch.

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Spider It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Dir. Nash Edgerton

Experience the joy of pain in this 10 minute dark comedy about an Australian couple and a plastic spider.


SeamonstersA film about English youngsters finding their way.

Dir. Julian Kerridge

Similar to Wes Anderson, this coming of age film epitomizes the essence of ‘indie films’.

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Bargain! Lost Footage of Rebel Wilson in this hilarious short film.

Dir. Rachel Givney 

Watch Rebel Wilson play quirky Linda in this hilarious and witty short.


4 Digital Resources That Will Make Monday Bearable


Listen, nobody likes Mondays. 

The best way to survive them usually involves a lot of caffeine and a good distraction–and that’s where your Library can help. Here are five of our amazing digital resources that will make you totally forget what day it is. All you need is your Library Card, and you can start downloading. 

If you’re looking for eBooks to read (and we’re talking about brand new releases, classics, and everything in between,) the 3M Cloud Library is for you. You can visit the 3M site on your computer, or if you’re on a smartphone or tablet, it’s easy to download the free app. Either way, all you have to do is put in your Library Card number, and start reading. 

If you want to listen to the soundtrack from Hamilton, listen to The Revenant eBook, or stream a movie like August Osage County–ALL FOR FREE–then Hoopla is the place to do it. Download the free app for your device, or access the website directly. Either way, Hoopla is equal parts easy and awesome

If you’re looking for amazing recipes to make for dinner, plan a vacation, or just find out what’s going on with Kim and Kanye, Zinio is for you. You can download magazines like Everyday with Rachael Ray, Backpacker, and Star directly to your computer or device, all for free with your Library card. Oooh, and the best part? Once you’ve downloaded an issue, it’s yours until you decide to delete it. 

Last but not least, if you’re into indie films, and want to watch festival winners while supporting your favorite filmmakers, Indieflix is the place for you. Find the perfect film to watch using the easy-to-sort filters, and watch it anywhere, including with your Apple TV or XBox.

 …What’d we tell you? With your Library and our Digital Resources, you’ll never remember what day it is (and you’re welcome.)


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Sistah Sinema decided to team up with IndieFlix after exploring other platforms. IndieFlix – like Sistah Sinema – focused on indie filmmakers and creating a conversation about cinema. According to Scilla Andreen – IndieFlix’s CEO and one of the few women CEOs in tech – niche marketing and community-brand marketing is key to IndieFlix’s future growth. Partnering with Sistah Sinema is part of a larger effort to showcase cinema that highlights global diversity.

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Ewan McGregor first attended the Sundance Film Festival in 1995 for his starring role in Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave alongside fellow newcomers Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston. 

“I like the fact I get to work on different kinds of projects, and I’m not concerned about if it’s a studio picture or an independent picture. I think [that] leads to quite interesting work and choices. That makes me happy. More of the same please.” – Ewan McGregor

© 1995 | Photo by Trish Empey ; Film still courtesy of Shallow Grave.

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