We Are So Much More Capable Than We Are Led To Believe.

Last month was insane. Everything happened at once. I was in the middle of fundraising and we had just launched the new IndieFlix platform, which is like having a baby. Suddenly we get a call from our eldest of 6 kids, Rashel; who had been dealing with cervical cancer. Things were getting complicated. We packed a small bag and flew to Dublin where she’s been living as a champion barista. Ireland takes their coffee very seriously and she’s one of their treasures.

3 weeks of every complication imaginable and miraculous recoveries led us to say good-bye to our sweet girl on her 29th birthday.  She fought hard with grace and dignity through insufferable pain.

We are so grateful we got to be with her. We also had to surrender and let go. The only way I can make sense of it is to remember, life is life. Acceptance is a gift. We are still standing when our hearts and legs are buckling because of the incredible outpouring of love and support from everyone but mostly from the strength and grace Rashel displayed every day over the past year.

She died in Dublin on her birthday. It was a poetic ending for a young woman who loved great stories. She was understated and extremely special. She touched so many and left a huge imprint. She craved culture and became the champion barista in Ireland. She was talented, popular, respected and admired. She had a beautiful life and inspired many. She loved learning and knew a lot about a lot of things. I didn’t have to “google-it”, I could “Rashel-it”. She gave back-breaking hugs, laughed a lot loudly and was above all else kind and as I witnessed in her last month of life she was courageous.

It’s been 10 days and yes I’m back at work. It’s a welcomed reprieve from our new reality. I have a heightened sense of clarity, energy and deep appreciation. The team is seasoned and the company is fine. Our friends, family, investors, partners, filmmakers and customers have been incredible throughout this whole experience. I am ready to do bold things and enjoy the process. In the end it’s all about being there for each other and being the best people we can be.

We as human beings are strong. We are so much more capable than we are led to believe. Rashel was a gift. We are changed with her passing. We will miss her.