5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, it’ll be a whole new year. We know you want to start 2014 feeling your best, and between eating well, exercise, and the resolve to find a better you, these movies will show you how.

From all of us at IndieFlix, wishing you health and happiness in the new year!

NYE 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year
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Top 5 movies to get you ready for the new year (countdown style, in the spirit of New Year’s Eve!)

5)  Broken Windows  (97 min)  Ages 17+

This reflective drama starring Larisa Oleynik shares the journey of five women who are facing monumental changes in their lives. It asks the question, how can we stay true to ourselves in the midst of change? IndieFlix subscriber Amy says, “Each character explores issues of passion, love and truth (and what happens when these elements are ignored). The realisations and interactions are touching.”

BROKENWINDOWS 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

4)  Vegan 101  (web series)  Ages 13+

It’s the Portlandia of the Vegan community: satire from people in the know. But this 12 episode web series also shares helpful tips for preparing healthful vegan food. Perfect to get you feeling great for 2014!

Featuring special guest Eric Roberts, an Academy Award-nominated actor known for his turns in a wide range of films from Runaway Train to The Dark Night. Roberts (a real-life vegan, and Emma Roberts’ dad) plays Dr. Eaton Wright. You can also catch him in the IndieFlix title Heal Thyself. Which leads us to…

vegan101 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

3)  Heal Thyself  (9 min)  All ages

Heal Thyself is a “sick” little satire starring Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts  as a morally challenged doctor thriving in America’s profit-driven health care system. Roberts’ hilarious turn as the cynical Dr. Cash is complemented by stellar performances from Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Natural Born Killers), Peter Jason (Deadwood, Adaptation), Sarah Glendening (All My Children, As the World Turns), Cory Scarborough and Gabriela Fernández-Coffey.

HEALTHYSELF 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

2)  Health Nuts  (81 min)  All ages

Thinking about eating healthier, or about making a job change? Then you’ll love this feature-length documentary about what it’s like to work in Atlanta’s natural foods cooperative, Sevananda. Lighthearted and community oriented, the film will have you laughing and learning about healthy choices you can make through everyday eating.HEALTHNUTSdoc2 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

1)  Betty Boop, “Keep Your Girlish Figure”  (6 min)  All ages

The classic beauty Betty Boop sings about keeping up an exercise routine to maintain her figure. This cartoon from the 1930s will keep you motivated—and provide inspiration from a curvy lady who wasn’t afraid to enjoy a few sweet treats as well!

BETTYBOOP2 5 Movies That Will Get You Ready for a New Year

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Shannon McCann

about 3 months ago

Haven't seen Betty Boop in 20+ years. It really holds up!


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