What if…?

whatif12  What if…?

Last Thursday I participated in a promotional video for SIC, the Seattle Interactive Conference (October 29th and 30th).  The director asked me to address the “What if…” questions in the world and in my particular industry, which of course is film.  It was a particularly special shoot.  The conversation was deep and exploratory.  I then spent the entire weekend thinking about all the possibilities in the world and what an exciting time in which we live.

Here are a few off the top of my head.  I’d also love to know some of your “What if’s?”

  • What if every human being on the planet was afforded excellent health care and an amazing education for free?
  • What if filmmakers on average made as much money as doctors, lawyers or developers?
  • What if we had a non-toxic, battery that recharged when powering any object, and it fit into our pants pocket?
  • What if we had a vaccination that made us immune to all diseases?
  • What if peace was our only option to conflict?

Scilla Andreen CEO & co-Founder IndieFlix

CEO & Co-founder IndieFlix. We curate & bring the best of indie film to the mainstream. Behind the curtain sits a filmmaker and mother of 2 awesome kids exploring new ways to bring meaningful revenue to filmmakers.

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ricki fournier

about 2 years ago

what if we all cooperated globally putting children, ill and elderly as a priority for care we implemented harmonious farming...i.e. biodynamic and organic farming and...using compassionate methods of raising and killing animals for food. we create a collective consciousness ...not in a woo woo sense but as common sense turn our bombs into plow shares


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