Disney Discovers Red Ink on the Red Planet: John Carter a huge flop


spacer Disney Discovers Red Ink on the Red Planet: John Carter a huge flop

john carter 2012 Disney Discovers Red Ink on the Red Planet: John Carter a huge flop

John Carter and the Giant Peach

Step 1: Adapt a century-old science fiction story as an epic Hollywood blockbuster.

Step 2: Cast the movie with a completely untested boxoffice non-entity in the lead.

Step 3: Hand the project to a director with impressive animation credentials, but no live-action experience.

Step 4: Throw $350,000,000 at it.

Step 5: Change the title from the one that’s been generating buzz for months to the most generic sounding title imaginable.

Step 6: Profit? Apparently not.

Disney seems surprised, after following the formula above, that their John Carter is shaping up to be a financial flop of historic proportions. (The “John Carter and the Giant Peach” poster can’t be helping.)  Their expectations were that the film would be a smash hit and launch another “franchise” (when did a series become a franchise?) money machine along the lines of Harry Potter and the LOTRilogy.

A lot of the steps outlined above seemed like good ideas at the time. Director Andrew Stanton has had some previous success, but only with animation. Lead Taylor Kitsch has a television following, but transferring small-screen star power to the big screen has often been an elusive goal.  The solid and evocative title (John Carter of Mars) was changed to a bland and meaningless one (John Carter) in an attempt to appeal to as  many people as possible.

116704 Disney Discovers Red Ink on the Red Planet: John Carter a huge flop But in order to show a profit on this misguided behemoth of a movie, the worldwide profits would have to approach $800,000,000. That’s right: the producers of John Carter laid down a $350,000,000 bet that this untested material would become one of the highest grossing films of all time.

The critics haven’t helped the situation. The consensus is that John Carter is bloated and confusing. We’ve learned before that when talk of a film’s budget overshadows all talk of its content, the results are likely to be disappointing. It’s unfortunate that the blockbuster imperative that drives much of Hollywood’s output doomed what could have been an entertaining—and even successful—moviegoing experience: what could be more fun than a sword-and-sandal epic with aliens?







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about 3 years ago

THE CRITICS ARE ONLY GOOD FOR CRITICISM, NO FOR CREATE *ANYTHING*, AND THAT'S WHY THEY MAKE THEIR LIVING BASED ON THE WORK OF OTHERS: IN OTHER TERMS -MOST OF- THE CRITICS ARE JUST A PILE OF SHIT. Said that, I must said John Carter from Mars surprised me like no other movie did in a very long time. I even had very low expectations about this movie after seeing in a trailer months ago the scene when "Vorginia" is throwed to the arena to fight the White Apes; I remember me thinking "Yuck! What a bad copy of Avatar, and they said it have a u$s 250.000.000 budget? My God! Seems corporate bitches at Disney thinks will be hit the jackpot just by keep feeding dollars to the movie production!" Oh my, HOW WRONG I WAS, this movie has it all to be a blockbuster, it's an EPIC movie, one of those you see with your jab down the kneels while exclaming "wooooow!" This movie is PERFECT, a light one of course -don't try to find nothing metaphysical, nor the complex script an european movie haves- but it's perfect, everything: the panoramic shots are breathtaking, the acting of this guy Taylor Kitsch and the sweet Lynn Collins are actually pretty good, the overall atmosphere: it's plain awesome!, reminds me of those '50 and '60 Hollywod super-productions, even the tint, the colors and the way it's recorded reminds me in some way to Flash Gordon; the CGI is by far the better I saw anywhere, the villans are truly hateful except may be for Matai Shang which I hate and like at the same time... I mean, every detail has been taken care in this movie, and we are talking of a movie of 2:45hs duration. It was very funny to see John kiss the floor once and again when he learned how to walk on martian soil and even it was funnier when he crashes his plane once and again into the sands, you say "this guy keeps hitting himself to the floor, seems the only way he knows to land, lol!" And what about the very first massive fighting scene at the Tharks town between the Red and Blue army, in the skies? That was a classical pirate's scene -like Captain Blood- that works very well for me, sweet! The only difference this time is the fighting happens to a very high distance from ground on flying machines and in... Mars! :D You know, this movie has action, suspense, love, an intriguing storyline, you know this is a sweet movie that I really enjoyed at my 34ys that surely could blow my mind if I were a kid instead of a grown up. Hey, it even have at least one interesting parlament: Matai Shang: "To truly demoralize a nation requires a public spectacle on the grandest scale." (Mmm, that's reminds me to 911 in a some way...) Have I mentioned the detail put in the Carter's mansion, in his study? And of course I can't leave out Woola, to everyone who loves dogs, he is lovely :) This is an excellent movie and I hope we see more adventures from John Carter of Mars, they're a refreshing welcome addtion to the sci-fi world.


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