SIFF Lineup Announced

Seattleites rejoice!  The Seattle International Film Festival released their schedule yesterday, and it has something for everybody. There are hundreds of films from all over the world, and both director Warren Miller, and actor Ewan McGregor, will be on-hand to receive honors for their careers. Venues all over the city will be showing films from May 19th to June 12th, and though I’m looking forward to more of these films than I have room to mention, there are a few I’m especially excited about.

One film is Finding Kind. Regular readers of our blog will have heard of IndieFlix filmmaker Lauren Parsekian, and her film, a look at girl-on-girl bullying. The film is playing  May 23rd and 24th.

A film I came across a few months ago and have been hoping I’d get the opportunity to see is Small Town Murder Songs. The film stars Peter Stormare as a troubled police chief investigating a murder in his small Mennonite town.STMS1 SIFF Lineup Announced Martha Plimpton and Jill Hennessey also star. Written and directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, the film looks to be a dark and intense character study, and the word coming from other festivals it’s played in have been really positive.

Miranda July’s The Future. Starring July and Hamish Linklater, the film is narrated by a cat, Paw-Paw, that the two adopt. TheFuture SIFF Lineup AnnouncedJuly is credited as the voice of Paw-Paw as well, which means, unfortunately, that it won’t be narrated in “meows.” I’m a huge fan of July’s previous film, Me and You and Everyone We Know. Original, odd, and refreshingly optimistic when so many indie films show the world as a dark and terrible place, Me and You and Everyone We Know set a high hurdle for her second film. I’m really excited to see if she can jump it.

There are also some classics in the mix, including La Dolce Vita and Black Narcissus. I love La Dolce Vita, and seeing it on the big screen will be great. A few years ago, I went to a theater showing of Fellinni’s Amacord, and it was like seeing an entirely different film. I’ve never actually seen Black Narcissus (I know, I’m a bad movie buff), so I can’t wait to get that chance to have my first exposure to it be on the big screen.

As I said, there are many more I’m looking forward to, such as Magic Trip: Ken Kesey’s Search for a Kool Place, Nobody, a Greek update of Romeo and Juliet, and the sci-fi film Another Earth.AnotherEarth1 SIFF Lineup Announced

This year’s SIFF has a great line-up, and a full schedule of films and venues is available on their website. For you non-locals, most of these films will be continuing on the festival circuit, so keep an eye on the festivals in your area. What SIFF films are you most looking forward to?


I was raised on a wide diet of classic movies. As a result, I didn't see "Labyrinth" until college and never saw "The Sandlot." I've never understood people who won't watch silent or black and white films because they're silent or black and white. I'm still slightly scarred from when my father suggested I watch "The Shining" on TV when I was 11. I can remember more lyrics from "Meet Me In St. Louis" than I care to admit. I think "The Searchers" is amazing and misunderstood (the movie pities John Wayne, it doesn't agree with him). I think it's just as important to be able to appreciate the trash as it is the greats, as long as you can tell the difference.


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Another Earth!


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