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Wine Night 4 300x219 Dinner and a Movie

Wine Night 300x219 Dinner and a MovieHappy Wednesday all!  It’s another dreary day here in Seattle; the perfect weather for curling up with friends and a good film.  Last night I had a couple friends over to celebrate the beautiful weather with dinner and a movie.   It seems my friends have spread themselves entirely across this fair city, making every night we happen to find ourselves together an entertaining evening of laughing and catching up.  Also, I’d finally cleaned my apartment, giving the illusion that my place is immaculate all the time, so the timing really worked for me.

In addition to an amazing meal of bulgur, broccoli and copious amounts of red wine, my friends and I watched the documentary “Finding Kind”.  As my job is the most interesting of all of my friends’, they are used to me bringing home film recommendations and stories of the glamorous life of an independent film distribution employee.

“Finding Kind” was directed by Lauren Parsekian.  Parsekian produced the film with her friend Molly Stroud.  These two amazing women started the Kind Campaign and the film chronicles their journey across the United States with the goal of creating a national school program for girls to deal with the cruelty of girl world.  The most shocking element of the documentary for me was the young age at which these girls begin calling each other vicious names – I don’t remember even knowing what a slut was at 9 years old.   The film deals with a subject matter, but is ultimately uplifting.  The work that Lauren and Molly do is inspiring.  I find their passion and hard-work particularly incredible as they are my age and only graduated from college a few years ago.

This documentary is being distributed by IndieFlix and although I’ve watched the film at the IndieFlix office before, last night was the first time I viewed it with an all-female audience.  After the film, the discussion went in the direction it always does with this documentary; personal experiences. As wine is always a catalyst for conversation, the three of us spent a majority of the evening telling each other stories late into the night.  It seems every girl I know has a horror story of being excluded, teased or completely tormented by another girl.  What do you think about the state of girl world today?  Has the cruelty between teen girls worsened more recently?

Watch the “Finding Kind” Trailer here.

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